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Readers Surprised to Find That Steve Jobs Biography “not really about Steve Jobs at all…”

It’s already one of the fastest selling books of the year, but it turns out that Walter Isaacson’s biography of Apple’s late CEO, Steve Jobs, is coming under fire for allegedly exaggerating some of the events of Jobs’ life.

Gregory Jamieson, who recently finished reading the book tells Apple Inquisition, “It’s 656 pages of… I don’t even know what.” Jamieson has always considered himself an Apple fan, but he, like many others, doesn’t know what to make of the new biography. “Most of the book is just some people talking about going to a fair. And then the parts that are actually about Jobs are a little unbelievable. I know he was a great innovator, but I think it’s pretty obvious that he did not cure cancer, as the book claims.”

"Several chapters were just old TV Guide listings," nitpicked reader Mary Fleischmann, of Williamsburg, PA. "It was very confusing. Reading about his design inspirations for the original iPod was fascinating, but I was shocked to learn that he spent seven years in a wizarding school."

Because Jobs led a very private life, many of the Isaacson’s accounts are difficult to verify. But if there is one message that we can take away from the book in which about a quarter of the pages are blank, it’s this: Steve Jobs made the dinosaurs extinct.

Stay tuned to Apple Inquisition for more shocking details of Steve Jobs’ fabulous life as they unravel.

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