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MICRO$OFT thieves at it again: Bill Gates figurine to launch in March

If there is one thing that the evil corporation Microsoft is known for, it’s stealing the intellectual properties of others. First they stole the desktop computer from Apple, then they stole everything good about OS X and used it in whatever the current version of Windows is. And now this, their latest travesty.

A greasy Microsoft PR representative had the audacity to announce this week that the company will soon be releasing a plastic figurine of their “founder,” Bill Gates. This announcement comes in the wake of the passing of Steve Jobs and the recent announcement of his unauthorized figurine, bringing the already disreputable Microsoft to a new low of tastelessness and blatant disrespect.

At the risk of editorializing, we here at Apple Inquisition hope that the disgusting actions of Microsoft - which may be hate crimes - do not go unnoticed by the general public any longer. Furthermore, we long for the day when we can live free of the constant threat of a violent takeover by Microsoft’s regime, which would be like the novel 1984 combined with Stalin.

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Full disclosure: Microsoft is suspected by some to be a terrorist organization. - Editor

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